Deploy Microsoft Teams via ConfigMgr and Intune


April 2020 update: Teams is a collaborative tool that is part of Office 365. It is increasingly used in businesses and schools, even more now during this pandemic period, Microsoft has announced that there are over 40 million users daily.

A Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android version exists, in Windows there are several ways to install it, in this article we will see how to easily deploy it via ConfigMgr (MEMCM) and Microsoft Intune (MEMMI)


The sources of the files for an MSI deployment can be found at this address:

  1. Download Teams' MSI sources here:
  2. Create a new application in SCCM by adding the MSI

Intune - Office 365 method

  1. To connect to Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin console.
  2. Go to Apps -> All Apps and click on Add.

3. Then select Office 365 and click on Select.

4. Enter the name of the application.

5. Either you select only Teams or you want to make a complete Office 365 package.

6. Remember to select the update channel and language.

7. Assign the deployment according to your needs.

8. Click on Create to create our application and deployment.

Intune - MSI Method

  1. Download Teams' MSI sources here:
  2. To connect to Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin console
  3. Go to Apps -> All Apps and click on Add.

4. Then select Line-of-business app and click on Select.

5. Click on “Select app package file”.

6. Select the Teams MSI file downloaded in step 1.

7. Confirm with OK.

8. Configure the application, the icon is available here.
Validate by clicking on Next.

9. Assign the application deployment.

10. Click on create the application.


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