Clean up your distribution point with ContentLibraryCleanup.exe



Sometimes it is useful to clean up its distribution points of orphan content, to do this Microsoft has made available a small utility called ContentLibraryCleanup.exe


  • Have full administrator rights
  • Can be launched from the server itself or remotely
  • Only one distribution point can be cleaned at a time

Use Case

Go to the C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Configuration Manager \ cd.latest \ SMSSETUP \ TOOLS \ ContentLibraryCleanup folder on a site server.

Usage: By default it will launch in non-destructive mode (what-if mode) in order to list the content to be cleaned. Start the following command:

. \ ContentLibraryCleanup.exe / dp

To the question validate with yes and wait… In my case I have nothing to clean…

To start an actual cleaning with data deletion, enter the following command:

. \ ContentLibraryCleanup.exe / dp / delete

Possible arguments

/ delete Use this parameter when you are ready to delete content from the distribution point. It prompts you to do so before deleting the content. / q This parameter runs the tool in a silent mode which suppresses all prompts. These prompts include when it removes the content. Nor does it automatically open the log file. / ps Optional only when cleaning up content from a distribution point on a primary site. Indicate the FQDN of the primary site to which the distribution point belongs. / sc Facultatif uniquement lors du nettoyage du contenu d'un point de distribution sur un site primaire. Précisez le code de site du site primaire auquel le point de distribution appartient.

/log Précise l'emplacement où l'outil écrit le fichier journal. Cet emplacement peut être un lecteur local ou un partage réseau.


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