Deploy Microsoft Edge Chromium with Configuration Manager


Updated 15.01.2020: The "Stable" channel is available

Since SCCM 1910 Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM) 1910, it is possible to manage the deployment of Microsoft Edge (Chromium) via the console, in the same way as Office 365.

1. Open the MEMCM console and go to "Software library" -> "Microsoft Edge management" and click on the "Create a Microsoft Edge application" button

2. Enter the name of the application, and the path where the content should be downloaded

3. Then we select the channel, it is possible to deploy several channels (Dev, Beta and Stable), as well as the version, in my case I take the last beta version available.

3. Then we select whether we want to deploy the application immediately or not

4. The wizard will automatically download 64-bit and 32-bit sources, then build the application.

5. Our application is available among the other applications and ready to be deployed.

6. Since I am a perfectionist, I simply added the Microsoft Edge logo in the application. (The 256px logo is available here).

For the curious, here is that the assistant created in our file

And the PowerShell script which is called as follows via the deployment: powershell -File ". \ Install-Edge.ps1" -MSIName "MicrosoftEdgeBetaEnterpriseX64.msi" -ChannelID "{2cd8a007-e189-409d-a2c8-9af4ef3c72aa}"


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