Create a WIM Master image with SCCM



In order to quickly deploy a large number of PCs with pre-installed software, it is advisable to make a WIM image.
SCCM being flexible on this side, I will introduce you to the two methods I use in everyday life.
The manual method and the "Build & Capture" method

1 - The manual method

It's the "old-fashioned" method, we install the OS, configure the software, then capture the image, this is the method I mainly use, because where I work we have applications which must be specifically configured or licenses configured, without the possibility of automation.

To do on the SCCM server

Create a USB flash drive or capture ISO image

To do on the PC or VM

OS installation

After the first restart, press the CTRL + SHIFT + F3 keys to restart in "Audit" mode

OS configuration

Our computer restarts in Audit mode, be careful when Windows is in this mode, never lock the session, because the Administrator password is not known and it will no longer be possible to go back without starting over.

If you need to restart or shut down the PC, you can do so through the Sysprep window by selecting "Restart in Audit mode"

If you don't have it anymore, you can open it here: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Sysprep \ sysprep.exe

Install the software that you need, configure them if necessary (license, config file, other ...), take advantage to update Windows / Office, then forget to perform a disk cleanup in order to save the place 😉

Image capture

Insert the USB stick or mount the previously created Capture ISO image

Our image is captured, you just have to add it in SCCM, publish it on your distribution points and above all to test and validate it before going into production 😉

2 - The "Build & Capture" method

Your applications must first be packaged and published, otherwise this method is not functional, the great advantage is that it allows us to automatically generate our image without "human" intervention, but for some applications this method does not is not suitable (in my case).

To do on the SCCM server

Creating the Build & Capture task sequence

To do on the PC or VM

Start on the Build & Capture task sequence

Start in PXE or via a USB or ISO stick

Which method to choose?

If you need to make complex changes that can not be automated through custom scripts or MSI, I recommend the 1 (manual) method.

On the contrary if all your applications are packaged and the modifications are scripted or applied by means of MSI, I recommend method 2 (Build & Capture) which will save you a lot of time.

Hoping that this small file has been useful to you 🙂


Steven Bart

Founder of - Vevey, Switzerland. I have been in IT since 2001, I work as a Workplace Architect and mainly deal with the administration of MEMCM (SCCM), the mass deployment of workstations and applications. Learn more about me.

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    • great tutorial thank you anyway

    • Thank you for your tutorial, on the other hand I systematically encounter an error in audit mode (0x00004005) which corresponds to APPX, but this mode does not allow me to delete them, do you have a technique allowing to reassemble the image correctly?


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