Microsoft announces the opening of Datacenter in Switzerland for 2019


Soon Microsoft will launch a new region… Switzerland! With 2 Datacenters, one in the Geneva region (Switzerland West) and another in the Zürich region (Switzerland North).

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Advantage of this region

  • Swiss entity founded, the infrastructure is completely owned by Microsoft, local staff for the management of DCs.
  • Data stored in the Swiss region, do not leave Switzerland.


Initially the following services will be launched soon, for a then a gradual increase in power ...

  • Azure IaaS (Virtual Machines, Network, Storage, Backups.
  • Azure PaaS (Azure SQL, Azure DB, Cosmos DB, Web App).
  • Office 365 will follow after 3-6 months of the launch of the Swiss region.
  • Dynamics 365 will follow after 6-12 months the launch of the region.
  • SAP-on-Azure (2019)
  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Media Services
  • Power BI

Moreover, thanks to this new establishment, Microsoft has signed a large contract with the UBS bank for its transition to the Cloud.

A more complete presentation is available here


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