Apps download gets stuck at 0% in Software Center


It can happen that we pull our hair out on this problem, a user wants to install an application, but the latter gets stuck in the Software Center on 0% download.
In the C: \ Windows \ ccmcache folder, there is a temporary folder, but it is empty.
This problem generally comes from a problem with Boundaries, but it can also come from a problem at the level of the distribution point or the client workstation which is no longer quite authenticated as it should be in the domain.


Server side

  • Check in Monitoring> Distribution Status> Distribution Point Configuration Status that everything is green
  • Check the Boundaries in Administration -> Boundaries 
  • Check that the application is well published in the distribution point (s).

Customer side

  • Verify that the SCCM client is functional
  • Check that the PC is connected to the domain and that there is no trust relationship problem
  • If everything is OK try to reinstall it or réparer
  • If loss of domain relation, remove the PC from the domain and enter it again
  • I recommend experimenting to clear the SCCM client cache once the problem is solved


Steven Bart

Founder of - Vevey, Switzerland. I have been in IT since 2001, I work as a Workplace Architect and mainly deal with the administration of MEMCM (SCCM), the mass deployment of workstations and applications. Learn more about me.

    3 thoughts on “Apps download gets stuck at 0% in Software Center"

    • I had this problem as a user. I thought it might work if I was just disconnected from the corporate wifi and reconnected. It did not. Thanks.

    • I had this issue after doing a SCCM restore from a backup I went through all the suggestions with no luck. After working through many of my own ideas I managed to fix it by selecting "Update Content" \ Software Library \ Overview \ Application Management \ Applications \ select the appliction then select "Update Content" and wait.

    • Hello everyone
      I've actually been tearing my hair out for a while because of this 0% affair. As soon as I saw this article, I jumped to hope that you would help me. If you could allow me to ask you a few questions:

      I want to know if I should also install the Sccm agent on the sccm server, and namely my distribution point state is not green.

      Thank you


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