ADMX for Windows 10 1809


Microsoft has restart the deployment of Windows 10 1809, in order to be able to create specific GPOs for this version, Microsoft has released the administrative template (.admx).

They can be downloaded here

List of supported operating systems: 

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
ADMX fileParent categoryPolicy
AppHVSI.admxWindows Defender Application GuardEnable Windows Defender Application Guard in Enterprise Mode
AppHVSI.admxWindows Defender Application GuardAllow Windows Defender Application Guard to use root CAs from the user's device
AppHVSI.admxWindows Defender Application GuardAllow camera and microphone access in Windows Defender Application Guard
AppHVSI.admxWindows Defender Application GuardAllow users to trust files that open in Windows Defender Application Guard
AppHVSI.admxWindows Defender Application GuardConfigure additional sources for unreliable files in Windows Defender Application Guard.
DataCollection.admxRootDisable the deletion of diagnostic data
DataCollection.admxRootDisable the diagnostic data viewer.
DataCollection.admxRootConfigure the Microsoft 365 Update Readiness Download Terminal
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeAllow lateral loading of the extension
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeAllow full screen mode
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeAllow printing
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeAllow recording history
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeSet up the favorites bar
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeConfigure Browsing Data Collection for Microsoft 365 Analytics
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeConfigure Home button
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgeConfigure Open Microsoft Edge with
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgePrevent deactivation of required extensions
MicrosoftEdge.admxMicrosoft EdgePrevent certificate errors from overriding certificate errors
OOBE.admxOOBEDo not launch the experience of privacy settings during user login
Passport.admxWindows Hello for BusinessUse Windows Hello for Business Certificates as Smart Card Certificates
SmartScreen.admxExploreConfigure application installation control
WCM.admxWindows Connection ManagerAllows Windows to gently disconnect a computer from a network.
WindowsDefender.admxWindows Defender AntivirusConfigure detection for potentially unwanted applications
WindowsDefender.admxScanSet a low CPU priority for scheduled scans
WindowsDefender.admxDevice securityDisable the Clear TPM button
WindowsDefender.admxDevice securityHide the TPM firmware update recommendation.
WindowsDefender.admxSystrayHide the Windows Security System
WindowsUpdate.admxWindows UpdateRemove access to the "Pause updates


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