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Since Technical Preview 1804 new diagnostic tools have been added by Microsoft. They are available in the SMSSETUP \ TOOLS \ SupportCenter folder of the installation image or in the folder \ cd.latest \ SMSSETUP \ TOOLS \ SupportCenter

One Trace

One Trace is like an improved CMTrace, it allows you to open several logs at the same time, to make different filters.

Support Center

Those who use the client debugging tool SCCM Client Center, Microsoft was strongly inspired by it

Creation of a dump of the complete state of the machine 
Current customer status information
Status of SCCM policies
Overview of published applications, cache status, and content monitoring
State of the last inventories
I have functions disabled / not functional, suddenly I have errors, but everything works on my side 🙂
Another log anaylizer, but much more like CMTrace, probably its advanced version.

Support Center Viewer

Still a log analyzer, we feel that Microsoft is looking for even if they are complementary, see close in terms of functions.

Importing a batch of LOG created by the Support Center tool
Local log status on the current PC, with the possibility of opening it, possibility of seeing the WMI entries and the customer's registry.


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