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Deploying applications by means of SCCM is very rudimentary, we publish it as mandatory or available through the Software Center, if necessary we ask for confirmation and it stops there. If you want to go further in user interaction PSAppDeployToolkit is for you.

Thanks to it you can display a GUI to postpone the installation, for example, display a message during installation, or even before and / or after installation. It supports multiple languages ​​and therefore it is perfect for multilingual environments.

The tool is mainly written in PowerShell, a documentation very well provided with the sources.

To deploy it through SCCM it's very simple, just create a manual application

We fill in this info for the Software Center
We specify that we want a deployment Manual installation by script
We give a name to our deployment
We fill in the content path and information for installation and uninstall programs
Like all applications, we define the detection rule
User experience configuration
Our application is ready, it only remains to publish it on the distribution points


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    • Thank you for an excellent resource, if I may ask. When deploying software specifically OS task sequence via PSappdeploy the prompt to user isn't in the foreground but is stuck behind open applications. Can this behavior be modified? and how?

      • No Need found it in the documentation

      • Hi sorry for the late Reply, i'm very busy theses time.
        I'm happy if you are found your answer in the documentation.
        I promise to be more responsive soon

        Best regards


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